23 Seater Toyota Coaster School Bus

→ We Provide 23 Seater Toyota Coaster School Bus Services

We will be delighted to answer any question you might have concerning our vehicles and rental terms. Van comes with a driver and fuel. Please note that if you book any of our vans and its already in use we will replace it with our other available vehicle with the same specifications.

→ Vehicle Details

Toyota Coaster is a minibus that is manufactured by Toyota. The coaster has a large seating capacity and it is used as recreational vehicle and it is also used as public transport in many countries. The bus is manufactured in Japan and it is exported to all parts of the world.

Coaster provides large comfortable seats, with air-conditioning and heating throughout the cabin. Deluxe models also feature cloth-covered seats and window curtains, perfect for long trips.

Why you choose this Vehicle?


  • Fully Air Condition
  • Double-Wishbone
  • Accommodate 23 People
  • Very Clean Interior
  • Driver
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