Events Transportation

Events transportation is one of the most crucial aspects of event planning and yet one of the most overlooked unless one experiences the transport system dysfunction which could turn the whole event schedule upside down. A smooth event transportation system is very much required for the success of an event. There should be no delays or fuss at the last moment.

We provide event transportation to the clients on a daily and weekly basis. we will layout an event transportation plan with the help of your team. We will finalise the type and selection of vehicles and drivers. Finalise the routes and time for the event pickups and drop offs, etc.

We Provide Events Transportation Services

Our Fleet for Events, Weddings & Sports Players Transport:

  • 15 Seater Toyota Hiace
  • 30 Seater Toyota Coaster Mini Bus
  • 33 Seater Luxury Bus
  • 34 Seater Rosa Coaster Mini Bus
  • 49 Seater Luxury Bus
  • 66 Seater Ashok Staff Bus
  • 84 Seater Ashok Workers Bus
Events Transportation
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