Hotel Staff Transportation

We offer Hotel Transportation service from staff accommodation to hotel and back to accommodation. We understand the significance of time and frequency involved in the hotel staff transportation and have a dedicated operation’s team to handle the Hotel transportation. We have 24 hours services for trips for Hotel Staff Transportation. Our drivers are professionals and well trained.

With our fleet, we are all geared up for staff transportation and can handle any kind of requirements. Our team will work closely with your team to make the transportation system hassle free. Safety & Hygiene are our first priority when it comes to hotel staff transportation. We have regular hygiene checks and service for all our vehicles. Our dedicated team is strict about cleanliness and maintaining the vehicle in its best condition.

We Provide Hotel Staff Transportation Services

Our Fleet for Hotel Guests / Staff Transportation:

  • 15 Seater Toyota Hiace
  • 30 Seater Toyota Coaster Mini Bus
  • 33 Seater Luxury Bus
  • 34 Seater Rosa Coaster Mini Bus
  • 49 Seater Luxury Bus
  • 66 Seater Ashok Staff Bus
  • 84 Seater Ashok Workers Bus
Hotel Staff Transportation
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